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Site & Soil Evaluations (Percolation + Permeability tests) and Waste Water Effluent Disposal Designs are now a requirement of all local council authorities on new or existing unsewered blocks and existing septic systems being replaced or re-established.

Site & Soil Evaluations are required to be carried out prior to the installation of an On-Site Wastewater Treatment Plant and Effluent Disposal Field to ensure the type of disposal system being installed is suitable and effective for the proposed application are and meets all local authority requirements. Choosing the right Disposal System will also help to reduce the direct effects on the surrounding environment.
Site evaluation paperwork in Tallai


Country Wide Water P/L can supply you with a Waster Water Report, which includes a Detailed Evaluation of your Site Soils Including the Soil Category, Permeability Rate and all Associated Info + A Detailed Site Plan to get Your Project Approved and Underway

How You Benefit From a Site & Soil Evaluation

Soil testing project on the Gold Coast
A Site and Soil Evaluation is to establish the permeability of the soil (how much liquid the soil can hold before seepage occurs). This information is derived from soil testing by the use of bore holes to determine the characteristics of the soil at different depths. We then use a Permeameter to measure the permeability rate of the soil (how quickly the water drains through the soil). 

 The Site and Soil Evaluation test also identifies any significant environmental or topographic features of the proposed site including watercourses (including creeks, rivers and natural waterways), dams or steep slopes on the block. 

At the design stage of the evaluation the results from the Soil Tests and Site Assessment will determine which disposal method will be suitable. Then the disposal area will be designed in accordance with AS 1547:2012, to the environmental and topographic features of your site in conjunction with local council requirements and all relevant Australian/State plumbing codes and standards.
Our Technicians and Designers at Country-Wide Water P/L take delicate care in designing your wastewater disposal area very professional and we take pride in ensuring our clients preferences are taken into account and implicated where possible as well as meeting with local Council requirements. We recognise your on-site wastewater disposal system is a long term investment in your property and it is our objective to ensure you are happy with our service and the final product. Every block is unique with individual requirements and requires attention to detail to ensure that even the homes with poor access blocks and the most challenging terrain receive an effective and reliable Effluent Disposal System. 


 - Site Details 
 - Report Objectives

Site and Soil Assessment:
- Site Conditions/Characteristics (including environmental 
  or topographic features including watercourses, dams or 
  steep slopes) 
 - Site Soil Characteristics 
 - Site Separation Distances  
 - Site Evaluation Assessment Calculations (derived from 
   the soil permeability Test) 
 - Proposed Land Application Area 

Site Wastewater Management: 
- On Site Wastewater Treatment System 
- Proposed Land Application of Effluent (type of disposal system to be installed) 

Servicing and Maintenance: 
- Service Contract 
 - Land Application Maintenance 

References & Data: 
- Regulating Reference 

Material Detailed Site Design: 
- Included - A Detailed Plan showing the proposed position of the On Site  
- Sewerage Treatment Plant and the Effluent Disposal Installation Design
soil report


- Site Specificic Information 

Types of Disposal Applications:
- Surface Spray Effluent Disposal System 

- Surface Effluent Disposal System
- Sub-Surface Effluent Disposal System

- Absorption Trenches Effluent Disposal System
- ETA Bed Effluent Disposal System Covered
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